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Educating Engineers: Climate Change Resources: Insights and Tips to Help:  

Purdue Global- Things you can do at home or at the office: Combating Climate Change and What You Can Do to Help (

UNESCO video about Education for Sustainable Development, includes some community-centric EDI components as well. Best for holistic approach to local EE initiatives: 

NASA CLEAN network for educators and professionals interested in energy and climate change literacy resources: 

NASA CLEAN educational lesson plans and guidance in teaching climate, energy, and culturally relevant climate teaching (the importance of integrating Traditional Knowledge): 

NASA CLEAN homepage: 

U.S. Climate Resilience Toolkit managed and hosted by NOAA. Contains case studies, training,  data, interactive maps (EDI components: recognizes tribal nations and impacts to indigenous communities): 

Stanford Earth, resource for research-based curriculum and lesson plans for middle and high school classrooms. This resource has not been updated since 2012 due to funding, but originally was funded by NASA. 

National Education Association [NEA] Statement on Climate Change Education being “Essential Information For Educators” and several links to further web resources are attached below the statement: 

NASA “For Educators” climate resources list: 

National Wildlife Federation climate change resources organized by academic grades 3 through 12: 

USDA FS Climate Change Resource Center, contains lots of modules and videos and packed with teaching resources:


Project Learning Tree is a great resource for teachers overall, but this is a list of videos to help understand climate change:

Climate Interactive creates accessible, scientifically rigorous tools that help people see connections, play out scenarios, and see what works to address the biggest challenges we face:

This is a scientific article about Climate Change: How does weather affect surface water quality? (American Water Works Association):

This is another great article by the EPA that describes what climate change means for Ohio:

A student’s guide to global climate change - great interactive tool by EPA (although it is no longer maintained):

Great reference - what is global warming, explained by National Geographic:

What is Climate Change? An interactive website by the American Museum of Natural History for kids:

Understanding Climate Change, including what’s happening and why, impacts on society, and response options by Global Change Science:

A great page with official government reports and scientific resources for students by Global Change Science:

 Water Cycle, cloud formation and rainbows explained!  How cool! Thank you to Jenna a student follower who shared this information!

Science and kids: The Water Cycle, Cloud Formation, and Rainbows Explained | Avas Flowers

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