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    • 08 Nov 2017
    • 31 Mar 2018
    • Maumee Bay State Park Lodge and Conference Center

    When: April 12, 2018 9:00am to 4:00 pm

    Where: Maumee Bay State Park in conjunction with the 51st Annual EECO Conference

    Sponsored by the ODNR-Division of Wildlife and the Environmental Education Council of Ohio.

    Please send the attached proposal form to:

    Jen Dennison

    Wildlife Education Coordinator

    ODNR-Division of Wildlife


    Proposals will be accepted until January 18, 2018. Notifications of acceptance will occur by January 27, 2018.

    • 02 Feb 2018
    • 03 Feb 2018
    • Camp Nuhop, Perrysville

    Winter Snow – Creative Ways to Teach STEM

    EECO Winter CONFERENCE February 2 & 3, 2018

    Presentation topics are diverse and if possible relate to winter, but will relate to one of the following: STEM, Arts, Environmental Literacy, 21st Century Skills or Careers and the Environment. We encourage possible session topics that include ways of getting students reconnected to nature, interested in Environmental Careers, or that use the outdoors as a teaching tool.

    The Sessions and Scheduled Form can be downloaded here.

    Full conference (Friday-Saturday, 3 meals, snacks, and lodging) : Member $110 and Non-member $135

    Saturday Only (3 meals no lodging): Member $75 and Non-member $100

    Student Full Conf.: $85 ; Sat Only $65

    Saturday Night Lodging: $25

    Presenter Full Conference: $95

    Schedule and Session Descriptions


    Friday- February 2, 2018

    6:00 – 7:00pm              Conference Registration and Room Check–in      Location: Library

    7:00 – 10:00pm            Welcome/EECO Update and Astronomy Night     Location: Dinning Hall


    Astronomy Night: 

    Fun, interactive night of stargazing for astronomy lovers from beginner to expert! Spend some time learning winter constellations and relaxing in front of the telescope with Jason Larson, Director of the Richland County Park District


    EECO Update:

    Current events and programs going on with EECO and partnering organizations. 


    Saturday- February 3, 2017

    Saturday Keynote: The Wonderful World of Ohio Owls, by Judy Semroc. This program presents information about the natural history, behavior, secrecy and more about Ohio Owls. Come and learn about tips to potentially locate our beloved Owls, especially in Winter!


    Judy Semroc currently works in the Natural Areas Division for The Cleveland Museum of Natural History as a Conservation Specialist. She is the founder of Chrysalis in Time‚ the first Ohio chapter of the North American Butterfly Association (NABA). In 2013, Judy was the recipient of the "Outstanding Staff Achievement Award" for the Cleveland Museum of Natural History. Judy has co-authored two natural history guides, "Dragonflies & Damselflies of Northeast Ohio” in 2008, and "Goldenrods of Northeast Ohio: A Field Guide to Identification & Natural History" in 2017. As a former Petroleum Geologist and science teacher, Judy loves to learn about and share her passion for the natural world through hikes, interpretive programs and photography.

    Saturday – February 4, 2017

      7:30 –   8:00am           Morning Hike- Optional

      8:00 –   9:00am           Registration for Day Participants

      8:00 –   8:45am           Breakfast

      9:00 – 10:00am           Concurrent Sessions I

    10:10 – 11:10am           Concurrent Sessions II

    11:30 –   1:00pm           Lunch/Afternoon Optional Hike

      1:15 –   2:15pm          Keynote: Judy Semroc: Conservation Specialist, Cleveland Museum of Natural History

      2:30 –   3:30pm           Concurrent Sessions III

      3:45 –   4:45pm           Concurrent Session IV

      5:00 –   6:30pm           Dinner, Evaluation, and Resource distribution 

    Session I Presentations:

    Vernal Pool Life in the Dead of Winter: Ray Stewart, Ohio Wetlands Association

    A presentation of vernal pool ecology and macroinvertebrate diversity to explore the nature of this vibrant ecosystem that contrasts with the deep dormancy in the surrounding forest. If conditions allow and access is permitted, we can venture out to a vernal pool and see what activity there is, even beneath the ice. Alternatively, samples could be brought indoors to an aquarium. Any Age–Dining Hall

    Make It- Take It Hike Activities: Janet Ellsworth, Richland County Park District and Ohio Certified Volunteer Naturalist

    This session will be an interactive look at several activities to use on hikes with students. Activities will be worked through from start to finish to give participants the knowledge they need make the most of taking students outdoors. Participants are encouraged to make a small donation for supply costs. Elementary- Library

    Session II Presentations:

    Water Quality? Ask the Bugs: Jeff Montavon, Ohio EPA

    One of the most effective methods of measuring water quality is to examine the living organisms in the water.  This Project WET activity gives students the opportunity to learn monitoring techniques in a classroom setting before you take them to a stream to collect bugs. PreK-Middle School -Dining Hall

    Exploring the Individual and Nature: Kelly Kriner, Medina City Schools           

    This unit, originally based on an ODE performance assessment task, explores connections to nature and our environment through various types of text and audio-visual pieces. Unit includes first person narratives: Thoreau’s Walden and Muir’s journaling as well as other types of composition: news articles, song lyrics, poems, political cartoons, the photography of Ansel Adams and story (book/movie/songs) The Lorax. Grades 6-12 Library

    Session III Presentations:

    Studying Life History of Ohio Mammals: : Carrie Elvey, The Wilderness Center

    Skulls can be an essential tool in uncovering the past of an animal. This activity will provide a close look at the skulls of Ohio mammals in order to illustrate characteristics that can be used to determine life history. Grades 5-12 -Library

    Environmental Career Day: Denise Natoli Brooks, Licking County Soil and Water Conservation District. Stephanie DeBevoise, Newark City Schools

    How healthy is this park? That is the question posed to middle school students at the start of the environmental career day. To answer this question environmental Career Ambassadors worked with students to: perform physical, chemical and biological water quality sampling using various meters and testing equipment; interpret GIS maps to learn about the site and its surroundings; use handheld GPS technology to inventory and evaluate plants, animals and soil; and consider how everyday actions, like eating a brown bag lunch impact the park. All Ages– Dining Hall

    Session IV Presentations:

    Student Lead Inquiry in the Outdoors: Amanda Kriner, Richland County Park District

    Less work for more reward! This session will discuss multiple ways to get students outside and asking questions without an agenda. We will explore encouraging questions and allowing for deviation from any plan to follow student interest, as well as a couple activities to get the ball rolling. Early Childhood- Library

    Making Use of Citizen Science in the Classroom: Jason Larson, Richland County Park District

    Do you have trouble finding interactive, natural history activities, for your students, in the dead of winter? If so, then join Jason for a hand's-on experience as we explore how citizen science projects can bring nature right to the doorstep of your very classroom. We'll start by exploring how to make the grounds of your school an Ohio Division of Wildlife: Wild School Site, and continue with programs that are easy to get involved with like the Cornell University's Lab of Ornithology Project Feeder Watch, The Great Backyard Bird Count, The Audubon Society's Christmas Bird Count, eBird, and iNaturalist. Your students can be an active part of gathering useful scientific data, running site comparisons from year-to-year, conducting experiments, making real-time observations and much more! Participants will be both inside and outside for this presentation, so dress for the weather! All Ages - Dining Hall

    • 17 Jun 2018
    • 23 Jun 2018

    We are going to be offering the program again in the summer, the week of June 18th.  If you are interested and able to participate during that week, please let Jennifer Bucheit (Jennifer.Bucheit@dnr.state.oh.us) know. 

    EECO's EE Certification Program is back. The week-long workshop will highlight:
    Foundations of Environmental Education
    Environmental Literacy
    Planning and Implementing EE
    Professional Responsibilities for the field of EE
    Assessing EE
    Networking with professionals from all over the state.

    Old Woman Creek Reserve in Huron, OH will be the host of the workshop.

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